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Adidas Biker Sml, HA6607


  • Primegreen: This product has been made with Primegreen: a series of high-performance recycled materials.
  • Material functionality: Flexibility
  • AEROREADY: FEEL READY. Our adidas technology helps you feel comfortable and ready. AEROREADY absorbs moisture and makes you feel dry.
  • Aeroknit: FEEL DRY. FEEL FREE. adidas Aeroknit combines moisture management and performance knit to keep you going.
  • Fit: High rise waist
  • Fit: 7/8 length
  • Trims & Details: Mesh holes on the side
  • Fit: Tight
  • Logo execution & placement: Small adidas logo on left leg
  • Material functionality: Breathability
  • material interest: 1×1 Rib
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